Dear friends,

I would like to use this short review as an attempt to introduce you to my professional development, the way it took place in time and life coordinates, which directly as well as indirectly, led my way towards the territory of visual arts.
I graduated from university in 1972, and as a part of my diploma thesis, a collection of book illustrations was published, which opened the door to an opportunity of my future cooperation with publishing houses.
For one reason or another, I did appreciate this circumstance since I entered the period of my professional years just at the times of the upcoming, repressive “normalisation” of arts and culture in general. Ironically enough, the area of book production didn´t happen to be in the centre of attention of the ideological machinery. As a result, I had the luck of surviving the 70´s, and partially even the 80´s, in a relatively acceptable asylum, which provided me with the opportunity to publish tens of illustrated books, and to a certain extent, fulfill my artistic ambitions.
Parallelly with book illustrating, I was also working in the field of graphics, which is how I happened to cooperate with two export art agencies, Artcentrum in Prague and Slovart in Bratislava.
On a larger scale, I only presented my own free creation as late as in 1987 at the individual exhibition in GMB in Bratislava. The collection itself already indicated obvious programme change, altered by broader scale of the expression apparatus, which was supplemented with large-format works on paper that inclined to the medium of painting. It was there where the new instrumentalization with a vivid change in iconography, enabled by the new medium, occurred for the first time.
In the initial stage of my working genesis, the domination of a figure was quite evident, however, as the time went by, gradual fragmentation and decay of the essential element take place. The figure is, slowly but surely, being replaced by a symbol, or more precisely, a code. Using of the code works as a new way of communication.
During the 90´s I started developing my own programme in the atmosphere of social changes, rationality, pragmatism, value relativism. My creation stays on within the original terms of fascination by the language of symbols and signs, which represent the permanent part and parcel of human sensibility, imagination, spirituality and necessity for general understanding, as well as for an attempt to define the world itself.
The collection of paintings after year 2000 unwittingly diverts from the cycles of compressed sign schemes, and shifts towards the meditation zones (I reckon, this may be a way of my reaction to a personal tragedy I didn´t manage to escape).
I perceive creating as a permanent state of confrontation of the internal setting with the reality, as well as a way of interpreting of this equation. As for me, the working process is the act of creativity, which in my case, always involves materialisation of instincts and intuition, and intervention in the space unknown.
My current outputs within the field of painting may be regarded as the so-called “non-object art”. As far as the expression is concerned, it is enriched with the expressive component in the vibrating, “liquid” space of a picture.
Last of all, I would like to point out a paradox – I have also become enchanted by the magic of “abandoning” a figure in the dimension of canvas, at the same time however, I am still enchanted by the “presence” of a figure in the picture.